Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tortoise Comes Out of His Shell

Article & photo from BBC News
A tortoise has come out of his shell to become a confident street walker, BBC Scotland can reveal. Stormin' Norman is a 10-year-old African sulcata tortoise who is turning heads by wandering through the streets of Aberdeen. Owner Dianne Melville - who runs a reptile shop - walks with him, but she said Stormin' Norman decides his route. He goes out several times a day, and is photographed by bemused locals and tourists who see him.

'No fear'
Ms Melville said: "Stormin' Norman is non-stop, a Nomad, he would walk the streets all day if he could. He has no fear of anyone or anything, people have to move out the way, he has no manners - that's why he's called Stormin' Norman. He is always supervised but he decided where he wants to go." She added: "There has been a lot of interest in Stormin' Norman." It is expected the tortoise will have to be found a new home when he gets larger. John Carle, of the Scottish SPCA, said there was nothing wrong with Stormin' Norman or what he was doing, but added they did not want to encourage copycat actions among owners of exotic pets.

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