Friday, May 25, 2007

Reggie Captured In True Hollywood Style with Fans All Around

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Reggie the Alligator could have remained on the run, or should we say swim, but not forever. On Friday, Reggie woke up in his new home at the L.A. Zoo. The huge reptile eluded professional and amateur wranglers for the better part of two years in Lake Machado.
He was captured after being spotted sunning himself on the banks of the Lake Thursday afternoon. After 90 day quarantine, Reggie will eventually be on display to the public.

FYI: The cost of security and fences around Lake Machado, and payments to alligator wranglers who failed, the total cost to taxpayers for capturing Reggie is about 180-thousand dollars. Video of Reggie can be seen on the KABC-7 website.

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