Saturday, January 13, 2007

Roboboa - The Robotic Snake

And now for something completely different -- a toy, robotic snake...
Roboboa When it comes to robot toys, no one does it better than WowWee. The company has got a range of cool new models coming out soon and we’re particularly taken with this one, the wonderfully-named Roboboa.
You can control the robot snake by means of a remote control, program in 40 different moves, or just leave it to its own devices. It’s partial to music and likes a boogie, swaying in time to the tune.
To complement this disco routine, Roboboa has a head full of lights which it can flash on and off in an hypnotic manner (Robocobra would have been a more accurate name, but not as catchy). You can watch a (poor quality) video of Roboboa in action here.
The synthetic snake can also be used as an iPod speaker, alarm clock and room sentry. Motion sensors allow it to track intruders and shine its beady gaze on them as they move about. Get a room full of these and you’ll have the stuff of nightmares.

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