Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wildlife Photographer of the Day - Luo Hong

Today, the Reptile Related News Blog invites you to celebrate the photography of wildlife from around the globe. I chose Luo Hong as the recipient of the Wildlife Photographer of the Day. Here is a brief biography, along with a couple of Hong's photos.
Luo Hong, born in 1967 in Southwest China's Sichuan province, is the president of Holiland,China's biggest cake bakery. As a well-known photographer, he has taken photos while flying over almost all western regions in China. He has also taken pictures of Africa from the sky over ten times. His official website is
I encourage you to take the time to visit China Daily for a look at 22 pages of photos taken by the talented Mr. Hong. Pay particular attention to the aerial photography, which is not often seen in such vivid colors. It's also worth the time to visit Mr. Hong's website. His words, as well as his photography, speak volumes about the creation God has entrusted to us.

"Our Chinese is used to the world
in the beautiful scene is called 'the world heaven',
Yes, when I place oneself to this 'the world heaven',
In my heart has filled to the divine creative force,
to sentiment of the natural gratitude:
Thank God, grants us so wonderful all!"

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